Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Folklorist: Shedding the dog

Cecil said he had something to show me.

I asked him what, and he said it would wait, but that it would interest me. Cecil's the cop I told you about, the one that's following these murders. I thought it might have to do with them.

OK, I said. When?

Swing by tonight, after I get off patrol. Don't bring the dog. You'll have to come in, and my wife doesn't want dog hairs in the house.

She's a poodle. Doesn't shed.

Doesn't matter, he said. She'd kill me if she found out I let a dog in the house.

Fine. No dog. What's she got against a nice dog like mine?

She just doesn't like dogs. She doesn't like paintings on black velvet either. Or dried flowers. She doesn't like mayonnaise. She's got her own tastes.

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